She Probably Deserved It

Last month footballer Ched Evans was released from prison after serving his sentence for raping a teenager. Well, by serving his sentence what they actually mean is serving a couple of years. Since then there has been uproar about whether or not he should go back to his privileged life as a footballer.

His victim has had to change her name twice, due to further abuse and ‘trolling’. Of course, she is a slag, who should not have allowed herself to get in that state. And poor Ched Evans has had a terrible time, what with going through a court case and having the threat of losing his job hung over his head.

When did we get so sympathetic of rapists? Would it be less forgivable if she wasn’t drunk? Should a punishment for being drunk be rape? Is this what we’re getting at? I’ve been paralytic at parties before, and my friends just put me to bed, on my side, with a sick bucket next to me. Was this incorrect of them? Should I have been given a good old raping instead, as a lesson to not get that hammered again?

More and more celebrities and sports stars are voicing their disdain at the idea of Ched Evans regaining a career at Sheffield Utd., most recently Jessica Ennis who said she would remove her name from her stand at Bramall Lane, stating, “Those in positions of influence should respect the role they play in young people’s lives and set a good example…If Evans was to be re-signed by the club it would completely contradict these beliefs.”

On social media she has been accused of “band-wagon jumping”. One shocking comment in particular on the Channel 4 News Facebook page read The man has paid for what he has done. So why does he need to be punished again? Just because the feminist party is on tour again?

Am I naïve in thinking that everybody believes, or should believe that rape is unacceptable? Generally I thought that everyone thought to enforce your dominance on another human in this primal and animalistic manner was a big no-no. We have evolved quite a bit since we were apes, we’ve had about 600,000 years to do so. We learnt the power of speech. And, as these hugely evolved creatures that we are, all being able to speak and such, we are aware when someone says no. And what that means. We are also aware that if someone is unable to communicate, then they need looking after, rather than taking advantage of.

I’m going to make it really clear. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, if she’s drunk, or if she was flirting with you earlier on that night – unless you have her permission, you do not touch her. She is not yours to touch.

If we as women should know better, then maybe so should the men that rape.


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