The F Word

I’m struggling at the minute. I’m struggling with a lot of things. I’m struggling with the fact it’s 2017 and we still need an International Women’s Day.

We literally make up 50% of the planet. And we still need a day to highlight our achievements.

I want to live in a world – to be honest, I’ll settle for country – I want to live in a country where I don’t need a ‘day’. Aside from my birthday. I’m keeping that.

I don’t want to buy a book on women’s achievements. I don’t want there to be a need for a fucking book. I just want there to be a book on amazing human’s achievements.


I see Instagram posts like “Women are strong as hell”. What’s the need? It’s stating the obvious. Who are you trying to tell? Women? We know this! Men? They’re not going to listen to an Instagram post. The nice men already know and appreciate how strong we are, the shit ones aren’t going to be influenced by words on a graphic of some social media account they don’t even follow.

It looks weak. Women are still asking permission. “Please treat us as equal. Please”. Why are you asking men to treat you as equal? By asking them, you’re accepting you’re not. I know I’m fucking equal.

And I don’t mean in a direct comparison of strength, or speed. I mean in worth. I am worth just as much as any man. I’m not asking anyone for permission to treat me as equal.


I will do what I like, when I like, and I will do it with integrity and passion and honesty and truth.

I don’t hate men. I don’t have bitterness towards them. I don’t understand women, feminists, who are. I don’t understand how you can hate men and want equality. That’s like the KKK being upset that black people don’t like them. It doesn’t work.


They are not aliens. They are people. Like I am a person. You’re a person.


I am a feminist. I believe feminism means equality. Equal rights. Equal rights for all genders, all races, all sexualities. Any two people with the same experience and skills in the same job should be paid the same. Any two people in a loving, consensual relationship should be able to get married. Any two people suffering with deep sadness in their lives should be able to cry. Any two people should be able to take time off their jobs to look after their baby, without impacting on their career.


We are 50% of this world and we need to start believing in it. And for fucksake stop asking for permission.


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